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The AP curriculum for Computer Science requires students to study a case study called the Marine Biology Case Study.  The case study requires students to learn about inheritance as they learn about the interaction of fish in an environment. Not only is it good for students to see well designed code but this is a requirement for the AP exam in which they will all take in May.

For several weeks the students learn how to code in JAVA several labs that will show the movement of fish, breeding and dying, different species etc.

So today my class did a role playing exercise and each student in the class was assigned a different role to play so they could see the interaction of objects, methods and classes. The role play is an excellent way for students to remember the importance of inheritance and how the methods in that class file is important when they construct their own class file.

Here's the script.   I gave them roles to act out and we had some fun eating goldfish snacks as everyone listened to how the movement of fish takes place and how the fish are controlled by other class files.


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