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The final week of the semester is finally here. This semester has been a good one so far and my web design students have learned a great deal about web design. I hope they continue studying about web design and take my advanced class where we learn about portals and work with dotnentuke.

I will be working on web services for this final week. Some of the advanced students will complete all of the lessons in the CurliQue curriculum and some are only three or four lesson behind.

I will introduce my students to web services by showing them a flash movie that I found that is very good. It will review how Visual Basic.NET applications use web services; how the web services description language works and how Visual Basic.NET uses SOAP to create proxies.

I created a slide deck that will have the students create a web service and then consume that web service. You can find it here.

Finally, the students will have an opportunity to learn about the web service that Amazon uses and be able to create an application. The will also be able to create a web service that will get the current weather by keying in the zip code.

Those applications are found in Lesson 19 in the Curlique lessons.

All in all, I was glad that my students were able to be exposed to the latest web design technology and I encourage developers to get more involved with their local high schools by being a guest lecturer and by working with the high school computer science teacher. I also encourage computer science teachers who teach web design to learn more about his technology and go to to download curriculum that is free. Remember, web matrix and the new visual web developer express is free for your class. Good luck!

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