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If you tuned into the NBC show called Three wishes that was aired on Friday night you would have the answer to my question. The show is about how people send in their wish and the night of this show there was a young man who wanted to be an astronaut so his wish was granted and he went to Huntsville, Alabama for some training. A young woman was granted her wish to be an actress so off to Hollywood she went for acting lessons and a chance to try out for a small acting role which we got.

Finally, there was this ten year old boy named Kiyaan whose dream was to become Bill Gates and own a company the size of Microsoft or even larger he stated. So off to Redmond, Washington he went with Amy Grant who was the host of the show as his personal assistant. His first stop was to be fitted for a suit. He was told that he had to look the part of an executive and he was also given his own Microsoft CEO business cards, a cell phone and a dossier about the company.

Upon arrival at Microsoft, it was the day of the XBOX 360 launch date so he was meeting with the Microsoft team. He felt very relaxed and quite mature for a ten year old as he asked the team some questions and they asked him some questions and he answered them like a pro.



After the meeting, he had a chance to meet his hero, BILL GATES.

He asked Bill when he was younger if he had a messy or clean room and if you guessed messy then you were right. Bill could never understand why his parents wanted him to have a clean one. He was also asked what he liked to do at ten and Bill said that computers weren't around at when he was ten and that he liked to read.

The great ending that this story had was when Kiyaan went back to school there was a video message to his classmates to go to a room and they all went to see that Microsoft had donated 36 computers with software for the students to use.

It was a wish that came true for Kiyaan, his classmates and for sure his teachers.





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