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Chances are that for anyone running a development BizTalk machine, you've deployed quite a few solutions as you've tested various things. It's easy enough to delete them from the BTS Administration Console with a right-click, but (assuming you've kept the default properties) they're also sitting in the GAC as well. In most cases this won't cause a problem, but eventually you may run into the dreaded "Message can not be serialized as the schema <schema name> could not be located. Either the schema is not deployed or multiple copies are deployed." error message. Now you need to clean up the GAC.

You could just browse to C:\Windows\assembly and start deleting things, but are you sure you remember what you named all your projects? An easier way is to install the BizTalk Assembly Viewer (a Windows shell extension).

To install:

1. Open up a Visual Studio Command Prompt
2. Navigate to <BizTalk Server Installation Folder>\Developer Tools\ (where the BTSAsmExt.dll lives)
3. Type: regsvr32 BTSAsmExt.dll
4. Log off and back on

Now, when you open My Computer, you'll have a new item, BizTalk Server Assemblies:

Opening it will display all your registered assemblies:

...and you can drill down into each assembly to view its schemas, orchestrations, ports, etc.:

From here you can clean up assemblies that are no longer needed. Just make sure you know what you're deleting... Getting rid of something like "Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines" would probably not be a good thing!

Note - depending what OS you are running (Windows 7 is especially finnicky) you may not be able to delete with just a right-click. If that is the case you will probably need to open a Visual Studio Command Prompt as an Administrator, and remove the assembly with gacutil.exe, like this:

gacutil /u <AssemblyName>

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