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In March I bought a broadband connection due to Covid19 lock-down. First I pay 3500 inr (For Installation) which I never get proper receipt for. The person took the money and setup the internet.

Curiously I search on YouTube and I see people using portal to check internet usage. So I reset the portal password, update same in router as well. Everything going good. I can see my connection 470 INR in  portal. Suddenly one day the person who install the connection come to me want me to pay 1200 INR.

He started with, If you don't pay your connection will be cut by 10. At first I don't understand what is the server charges. So I check how people submit payment to Railtel. Railtel accept payment from portal too like other.

So I don't pay 1200 INR and tell the person to come next day. I got the call on same day from lineman (that fraudster was classmate when I was in school) , He started yelling  "Why you changed the password". Because he figure out I has know the thing I shouldn't. So I first hear his bullshit.

The fraudster tell me that I shouldn't reset the password and I will change the password and will not share with you. Trying to understand here that in this area (Firozabad) people are not much aware of this thing. The thing registered on my name, lineman want to setup and saying that I will take your OTP but never share password with you.  So I figure out what exactly is going on. He is misguiding people in name of Broadband internet.

So he changed my password and didn't share it with me. When I questioned his action he started yelling.

So this person is hiding things away from me so he can bill me whatever amount they want. Want me to pay the amount twice and thrice of the actual bill.

He close the connection through the portal and I have the bill which is still not proper

I question the same thing to Railtel but Railtel never answer me anything until I ask same to their other customer who are happy with the service.

The problem is not in service but person who misguiding people about it. So I cut the connection and get the refund of my installation.

I learned the lesson that even some company provider good services but people are misguiding people on the name of Railtel.

Updated 10 April 2020.

I got message on phone that someone trying to reset the password. The fraudster has reset the password and delete the account. Now I got tweet from RailWire that they want my number in DM. They has not followed me on Twitter (so I can't DM them anything) yet so I tell them to call on same number in invoice.

10 April 2020 4:41 PM

I got a call from Railwire in which I confirmed it with railwire that customer need to pay what he seen in the portal. Railwire now want me to restore my account. I don't want to continue once I am get experience like this. I don't want to continue to railwire.

If you are looking for buying Railwire connection anywhere in India, Keep in mind, Assure with the person that what amount want from you. You maybe misguided to pay twice and thrice the amount of real bill.

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