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December 2013 Entries

Yes I know. If a unit test accesses a file it is by definition no longer a unit test. My personal definition of a unit test is: If it is fast I can run many of them which is ok for the main goal of unit tests to provide fast feedback. Personally I am not big fan of repetitive code so I created a small class that takes care of creating a temp folder in the %TEMP%\utest\ directory which creates a directory named after your unit test method name which is quite handy for debugging failed unit tests. ......

When you try to make sense of Windows Event Tracing files (.etl) it is often helpful to add some special events into the event stream so you can closer examine near the “Here it was slow” event which helps a lot to look at the right spots. If you are lucky you can do this by routing your tracing data to ETW or you need to set some marker events by hand. The traditional was of doing this was to call xperf –m “Here it was slow” during your repro session. I have observed several times since then that ......