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Gizmox is announcing a ListView Challenge where developers can participate by creating and submitting their own implementations of the new extended ListView. "its quite amazing what you can do with it. It opens a lot of new ways to present data in a better and more userfriendly way," says one of the VWG community members who built a three level hierarchal ListView.

Watch the hierarchal ListView demo by Visualizer

Those ListView implementations will be reviewed and rated and the winner will win a free Professional Studio license $750 worth. The 5 top rated codes will entitle their developers for a cool new T-shirt. The new v6.4 introduces new capabilities with its extended ListView Control.

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The Collapsible Panel enhancement of the ListView Control, along with the Column Type Control, open up the possibilities for potential usage of the ListView control for data display, data entry and as the Collapsible Panel can contain whatever control you like, it can as well contain other ListView controls, thus making it possible to create Hierarchial ListView display of unlimited number of levels.

The first enhancement is the introduction of a new column type Control which opens up the possibility for a ListView cell to contain controls like CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox or even TabControl, Form or another ListView as the contents of that particular cell. This means that the ListView is no longer a display-only control, but has the full potential of being a full blown data entry control as well.

The second major enhancement is the introduction of ListViewPanelItem. The ListViewPanelItem behaves exactly the same as it‘s predecessor, the ListViewItem, and in additon it has a Panel Control attached to it, seperate panel for each row in the ListView. This new Panel can be either expanded (visible) or not (hidden) and when expanded, will fill the full width of the ListView, but has adjustable height.

Watch a webcast about the extended ListView

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