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As you may know, I do mostly WinForms development at my current position. Altogether, I do have an affinity for WinForms development over web development, mostly because simple websites were easy to make when I was young, but making a windows application was something I didn't do until much later on.

Well, is a great Microsoft resource for those interested specifically in smart client applications, and the even better news is that the bulk of the videos for WinForms in particular are done by Pat Torney of FourSquare Solutions Inc and in VB.NET!

To be honest, one of the major frustrations I have with beginner's programming books is that they almost never talk about deployment. They will let you be dazzled by how easy your first XYZ app was to make, but then they never let you know how you can email a setup to grandma and have it work out just fine.

Thankfully, Pat's got you covered with the How Do I: SmartClient Deployment video. I really cannot express how thankful I am to now have an easy to reference video that I can tell others to check out when they get started with VB and want to deploy their masterpiece in an installer instead of ClickOnce.

I've been perusing the videos and I'm thankful for Pat's work. He also includes helpful hints along the way and keeps it interesting with a bit of humor.

SmartClient Deployment:

All the videos:

Also, you might find the full VB.NET learning library a good investment:


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