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A couple of months ago, I went through an interview for senior biztalk architect position with a consulting firm whose name I'd rather not mention. Having worked with this technology since 2004 and never encountered any biztalk problem that I couldn't solve, I was so confident that I'd be able to answer at least more than half of what the interviewer would throw at me without any preparation whatsoever... boy was I in for an expensive ego check!

It's one thing being able to make music by "playing by ear" and it's a totally different ballgame being sent to the orchestra with sheet music! I've always been the one who "wings it" and "plays by ear" confidently. However, this interview was definitely a concerto for the formally trained "Juliard graduate". The difference between distinguished fields and promoted properties are really easy concepts that we use ALL THE TIME!!! Almost everyday, I use the "right click" or context property on a schema node to do a "quick promotion" and somehow, when I was asked about promotions and what the different ones are, I couldn't even blurt out a technical term. Whoever's reading it might think I'm a total idiot but I'm sure that I am not alone in this.

Most of us if not all know or have been taught the algorithm of division with multiple digits or solving for the square root. But because there have been so much more important things to spend our time on, we just decide to whip out our calculator from our pockets or from Start > AllPrograms > Accessories > Calculator and plug in the numbers. When our children in our families ask us to help them with their division or square root homework, that's when we realize that there's so much that we take for granted. We loose what we don't use!!!

Today, I spent all day reading a book by Moustafa Refaat called "Mastering the BizTalk Technical Interview". I'm sure that on my next interview, I'll be able to nail a few more questions. Who knows, maybe I'll get the chance to make the interviewer stammer by asking them a few algorithmic questions on division... ;)


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