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As .Net Developers we often need to change web.config/app.config settings.  We also need to share web.config/app.config without clobbering each others settings via Visual Source Safe (VSS).
There are two kinds of config changes.
1.      Changes that you do not want other developers to inherit
a.      Connection string changes or settings values
                                                                                        i.    that do not change the config structure
                                                                                       ii.    that need to vary between developers
·         You should:
1.      Point to each config files with Windows Explorer
2.      Uncheck the ReadOnly propery check box to make the file Readable
3.      proceed with your Visual Studio changes to each config files
(OBSERVE that the file will not show as “checked out” from VSS)
4.      be careful when you get the latest of everyting from VSS that you do not overwrite your config files changes
2.      New Connection strings or new settings
                                            i.    that do change the config structure
                                           ii.    that every developer needs in their version of config
·         for each config file(s) You should:
·     select each config file(s) in Visual Studio Project Explorer
·         right Mouse click -> Get Latest Version
·         overwriting your Readable config file
·         proceed with your Visual Studio changes to config file
·         save the config file
·         test your config file
·         checkin config file
·     email everyone to get latest VSS config structure changes!
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