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ASP.NET 2.0: Use VB.NET and C# within the App_Code folder
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Thanks to Chris Pietschmann 

There is a way to partition the App_Code folder into sub-folders, one for each set of code files written in the same programming language. Awesome, I didn't have to spend a couple hours converting code from VB.NET to C#!

                <add directoryName="VB_Code"/>
                <add directoryName="CS_Code"/>

Even if you don't use multiple different programming languages for your code files in the App_Code folder, you could use this feature to organize your sets of related code files into sub-folders.

Step 1: Add the following lines to the web.config

Step 2: Create a sub-folder in the App_Code folder for each language you want to support.
For Example:

Step 3: Place your VB.NET code in the VB_Code folder and place C# code in the CS_Code folder.

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