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I had a customer request that they would like to change the value the Microsoft Feedback Client Rating gets translated to.



Currently the stars in the Rating are mapped as follows,

0 – Not Rated

1 – Poor

2 – Fair

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Excellent

The customer requested these values to be changed to meet their internal process mapping.


Luckily the Microsoft Product Team has made this setting highly configurable, the text that goes with the rating is customizable. It is simply a matter of modifying the Feedback Response Work Item Process Template to change these values. Let’s see how…

01 – Download the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Power Tools

02 – Open up the Process Template, Feedback Response type work item type


03 – Look for the field ‘Rating’ and double click it to see its definition


04 – Now click on the Rules tab and double click ‘AllowedValues’ to see the values


05 – Change the values to your desired values and click OK. Save the changes.


Now next time you get a response to the feedback request, you’ll be able to see the rating values as per the newly defined values.

Enjoy! :-]


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