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The New York Post is carrying an article about "prequel?" to BattleStarr Galactica that would focus on how the Robot war began.

Now I am a huge fan of  the reimagined series, and since it is not being aired in Autralia I have to resort to other means of getting my BSGS fix during my stay down under.

The post also carries this blurb

"The story, Moore says, "centers around two families, one of whom owns an enormous corporation, à la Microsoft, and it builds the first Cylons; then the other family is Adama's father, who's a lawyer at the time and starts to become an opponent of what they're trying to do."

Moore is drawing lines to Microsoft? hmm, OK as much as I would like flame on that I will hold back.

But it does raise questions, by drawing lines to Microsoft, does that mean, that the cylons were first invented to be servants (aka original robots in the Matrix/ robots in IRobot)

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