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A lot of people have already blogged about that Peter Jackson would be a Executive Producer for the Halo Movie.

Now I havent played Halo 2 (since its not out on PC yet ;) ) so bare with me if some of this information is stale, but how I would really like the Halo movie to turn out is for it to have a human face. Granted the main actor of the movie would hardly be showing his face as the Master Chief will be in his suit all the time (can you say Robocop?). I wish the movie wouldnt be a 1:1 rendition of the game, but instead show scenes and background information that is not on the game, like for instance

  1. who the MasterChief was (i.e. before he was made a cyborg)?
  2. Details about the Spartan program?
  3. How the MC ended up in the Spartan Program,
  4. Why was he in Stasis till the Covenant attack?
  5. What happened to all the other Spartan warriors?

Also would be cool if the movie had a few chase scenes in the Warthog.

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