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Mads posted about Power Aggregator from OmniSys, JOPX, Mike Walsh, and whoever is maintaining a list of SharePoint utils, thats another one for you.

Personally I think this good. Having information rollup is something that is very critical to the SharePoint story. If it is not it should be, because what sells SharePoint is not only collaboration but also information sharing, and you do not always want the information on a teamsite to stay only at that teamsite. More often than not that information will have value at certain other sites too. For instance you would like to centrally manage your announcements on a single site and have those roll-up/roll-down to each of the team sites, could be used to escalate issues in an issues list etc.

So now we have CorasWorks (which is very powerfull) and quite expensive, might be out of a small company's budget. Omnisys Power Aggregator and the CSeg Rollup WebPart.

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