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Game Daily has an interview with Chris Donhaue, group manager of Developer Relations for Windows Graphics and Gaming Technologies.

The interview is at

Here is a few interesting tidbits

 BIZ: The next version of Windows (Longhorn) is supposed to be more console-like in that it's going to eliminate the need to download drivers and installing games will be easier. What can you tell us about Longhorn as it relates to gaming?

CD: There are many things about console gaming that we can apply to make the Windows game experience better. Install is one area where we're working with game developers and publishers to simplify the overly-complex install process—do you really need to answer all those questions and click on all those buttons to play the game? We have also re-architected the graphics driver model—the Longhorn Display Driver Model will make the process much more stable and trouble free for gamers. Gaming is a key pillar of the consumer Longhorn experience, and we're excited about what the future holds.



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