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Breadcrumbs for SharePoint has become a very popular WebPart, amongst developers and WebPart vendors.

I've seen quite a few of these and most of them have one inherrent problem. From the ones I've seen it appears that most of the developers assumed that if a user visiting a site somewhere down the site hierarchy they naturually had rights to the parentwebs. This assumption is wrong, and such an assumption should not be made because its not unusual where you would want to give rights to specific sites to specific individuals.

Just yesterday I had to write a breadcrumbs WebPart since a customer got burned on the issue above and its not too hard to do its just a matter of recursing up the WebPart hierarchy, checking user rights as you go (which Craig Harrowfield shows you how to do on this post). Ofcourse the crumbs will have to break off at the point the user does not have rights.

Now I would like to publish the WebPart I did, but then there would be just too many of the same webpart available, so I would implore the devs who have already written such WebParts fix them.

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I've come across this same issue. I needed to show a complete tree of available sites to the user, with tree items linked to the sites (sites to which the user has no access are just text with no links).

All users have access to the top-level site. Below that there are 'container' sites that internal employees have access to, but not our external customers. In each 'container' site are 'customer' sites that our customers have access to.

The problem was that you cannot return any properties of a site if the user does not have access to that site - so customers couldn't recurse through the 'container' sites.

The workaround was to use impersonation, switching to a privileged account to recurse through all sites, then switching back to the user's account to check the user's access to each site.

Painful, but it works!
Left by Colin Anderson on May 27, 2005 11:20 AM

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I wish the vendors would fix silly issues like this. There quite a few Webparts around which are lacking in quality one way or another.
With regard to your tree, I believe the only route would be impersonation.

Re. "you cannot return any properties of a site if the user does not have access to that site" i guess the only elegant route would be to skip all sites from the point where the user does not have access to. this might be logical
Left by Tariq on May 30, 2005 5:17 PM

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Yes, that would be logical, but in our case users have access to subsites of 'container' sites they do not have access to (if that makes sense!)
Left by Colin Anderson on May 31, 2005 8:30 AM

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