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I think .TEXT/CS:Blogs needs a better UI for administration. The reason I say this is because fighting comment spam/blog trolls and managing posts is not optimal.

 For instance if I were to delete one wanted comments from a post one way of doing it right now would be to login to the administration section, then click on the feedback section which shows you all the feedback on your blog.  So here are the problems I see with it

  1. There is no option for sorting, grouping or filtering comments. Ideally you should have atleast the possibility of filtering the comments displayed by posts.
  2. Removing a comment from a post is just too cumbersome coz it involves just too many postbacks. Let me illustrate; if I were to remove a comment, first I have to hunt it down, then click the delete button (causes postback), and then you get a confirmation screen to which you click yes (causes postback), then you get a screen showing the message that the comment has been removed to which you have to click ‘Continue’ (causes postback) <- now that is just unbearable.

Ideally managing comments should be like managing your inbox at gmail or  yahoo. You should be able to select (make a multiple selection) the comments you want to delete and the click ‘Delete’

It’s the same with posts. Supposing you wanted to close commenting on about 10 posts right now, you have to drill down into each post and turn off commenting. The optimal way of selecting the posts and saying close commenting isn’t present yet. 

As blogs get more and more popular with trolls and comment spammers, the blog administration interface needs to improve greatly. Ofcourse we need to be more than a couple of steps ahead of them.

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 3:12 AM Misc | Back to top

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