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I started playing Half-Life 2 over the weekend. I might have previously said that FarCry is amazing. Well re. HL2, I say its mundo fun. Its easy to get lost just playing with the environment and physics rather the game. Which I end up doing i.e. kicking cans, shooting buckets just to see which way they spin, how they sound etc.

This is enormously fun. I mean if valve just made a simple room with all sort utensils like chairs, barrels, buckets, TVs, glasses etc, and gave you a crowbar, or some peashooter, and let you loose, I’m sure you’d just be satisfied raging havoc around the room.

The game itself is pretty good, I’ve only played a couple of levels so far (a bit caught up in Anarchy Online at the moment), and the interactivity with environment is stunning. The AI is and the effects are pretty awesome too.

This game is awesome fun!

Posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2005 10:53 AM Gaming | Back to top

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