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I was just thinking today that my good old GeForce 4 that I have at home is comming close to retirement, and its about time I replaced it. But the question that is dancing around my mind is "with what?"

The question of whether to go with an ATI or NVidia could be something as close to being as sacred as the question of 'would you buy an Evolution or Impreza WRX' - well may be not, the "Evolution or Impreza" is totally a matter of opinion with minute similarities, but the dillema is that it increasingly looks like the only thing ATI has got going for them is the HalfLife 2 engine. Although this might account for a considerable number of mods that would come out in the future, it would still be a small fraction of the gaming industry. Every other game that I see around is tuned for Nvidia <shudder>. For instance the Cry engine of Far Cry is tuned for Nvidia, the Doom 3 engine is optimized for Nvidia, the Unreal Engine is optimized for Nvidia, Ground Control2 is optimized for Nvidia, and even Splinter Cell is optmized for Nvidia.

The only reason I havent yet gone all out and bought an Nvidia graphics card is because I'm a fan of Half Life, but that doesnt mean that I wouldnt buy GeForce.

Seriously, I think in the long run ATI could be in trouble (i.e. securing the market of avid gamers).

Posted on Monday, July 5, 2004 11:20 AM Gaming | Back to top

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