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OK, yesterday somebody on or gwb pointed out PGtGM. Whoever it was I am really thankfull. Sorry for not remembering who it was. I saw the link yesterday opened it up in the browser and went home. So today I have no clue who linked to it, and a too lazy to go through the gazillion feeds looking to see who pointed it out. Again thank you for pointing that out.

Anyways Thimal and I were musing today how we could get the GMail Notification into the Trillain mail notification Window. Basically we wanted it to come amongst this list.


Somewhere along the musing the idea of getting gmail notifications via RSS sounded interesting. Looks like we werent the first to thing that way.

Want to take a closer look at that gmail javascript, plus theres a load of new trillian plugins here i want to check out, but too tired today. Perhaps if I have time tomorow

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 11:54 AM Misc , Fun | Back to top

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