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I came across SPSRssGen today.

OK so this is another one that needs to go onto the list of SharePoint syndicators.

Strangely enough it was DevHawks SPSynd that led me to this tool. I was looking to overcome a small issue, where when a user is requesting a feed for a SharePoint site, and if the user does not have rights to view a list, SharePoint throws an UnAuthorizedAccessException (which as far as I know cannot be swallowed), and this spoils the entire feed.

So spent an entire day fuddling over this, then start looking for Rss Validators, and then whilst googling ran across RSS.NET. Which is pretty cool, but its not the only RSS library for .NET out there. I also came across RSS Magic and RSSMaster.

Anyways at the bottom of the RSS.NET homepage there was a link to SPSRssGen (in the process of checking this out right now) which apparently uses RSS.NET.

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2004 10:19 AM .NET , SharePoint | Back to top

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Let me know what you think. I keep meaning to get back to this, but haven't found the time...
Left by Jonathan Malek on Jun 18, 2004 5:21 PM

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