Getting a business degree from Dungeons & Dragons U!

While I personally have never played the game, I do understand that a number of you out here in geekdom have logged many hours doing battle a dragon’s liar. Here’s an article pointing out the 10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons. I personally think that #5, “The best quests require a mixture of skills in the party”, totally applies to assembling a successful software development team. Notice it didn’t say “mixture of people”, it said “mixture of skills”. As we all know, development team members often wear many hats including architect, business analyst, requirements gatherer, user liaison, user experience/interface designer, Q&A tester, all the way down to the lowly coder who gets it all done. How many skills are in your toolbox? While developing a specialty in an area or two is a good idea, it’s also wise to expand your toolkit by honing additional skills as well. What makes you valuable to an organization is being flexible, dynamic, and able to contribute to the overall good of the organization. Just because you rock at C# or VB doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least making yourself aware of other skills and technologies. Like the author said, “The best quests require a mixture of skills in the party”, soooo, what are you doing to expand your software development toolkit in order to help your party mount a successful quest?

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