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Jet Brains have released Web Storm 8

The details they sent to me are:
"Highlights in WebStorm 8.0 include:
  • Advanced AngularJS support. WebStorm now provides smart AngularJS specific code completion, refactoring, navigation and quick access to documentation.
  • Spy-js, a JavaScript tracing tool. Spy-js makes tracing and profiling JavaScript easy in any browser.
  • Multiple cursors and selections will help you edit your code faster, especially if you are used to this feature in other editors.
  • Integration with Grunt, a JavaScript task runner and Bower, a package manager for the web.
  • New Live Console in JavaScript and Node.js debugger.
  • Support for CucumberJS test framework.
  • Improvements in the support of JavaScript modules: RequireJS, AMD and EcmaScript 6 Harmony modules, and much more
Read more about what's new in WebStorm 8.0 and download the IDE for your platform."
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