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Recently I was approached by two UK Internet Service Providers to upgrade to a fibre connection. In each case I asked two questions:
  • Can you provide me with a fixed IP Address?
  • Is the equipment to be provided compatible with IPv6?
None of the question was satisfactorily answered. One of the persons answering even suggested that granting a fixed IP Address would be a breach of security!

I find it very disturbing that two companies that present themselves as innovative should still not be preparing for IPv6. The answer I would have expected was that all new equipment being supplied was IPv6 compatible and that plans were in hand for a switchover to IPv6. Instead new equipment would be supplied that would have to be replaced when IPv6 comes. Equally disturbing was that the call center people who answered did not know why a fixed IP address was important or why the change to IPv6 would have to come.

I would rather not name and shame the two companies, however I will be looking elsewhere for my next Internet Service Provider.
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