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O'Reilly have again improved the way they display to you the list of products you have bought from them. If you have an account with them, you can go to (and after logging in if you have not logged in recently), see the item(s) listed.

You can choose to show all products or just one of E-Books, Books and Videos. There is a facility to create your own folders, presumably for topics of book.

You can switch between a title and dates view and a front cover view. Within each view, you can click on an item and see relevant links such as for downloading example code. For E-books, there are the options to download. In the detail view of a book, the information is very well presented. There is also an option to send E-books to Kindle and Google drive. (I use neither feature but I imagine that it will be very useful for those who do.)  There are also options for:
  • View/Submit Errata
  • Write a Review
  • Ask a Question
  • Catalog page
Within the title and dates view, you can sort the list by:
1) Title
2) Date book added
3) Date book updated

You can search on book title.

In short, I am highly impressed by the improvements made to this page, both in this update and the previous update. Full marks to the management that authorised this change, the programmers that carried it out and the testers that tested it.

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