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In recent days both APress and O'Reilly have radically improved the way they display items registered against your account with them.

APress now show only one line per e-book and the multitude of formats is handled by a drop-down list. The result is that the list of APress books I have bought now requires less paging through. The only things that the APress lacks are:
  • The ability to show all on the page (currently options for 10,20 and 50 per page)
  • The ability to sort on title or date bought or date updated
O'Reilly have always shown the formats available by a series of hyperlinks along one line. They have improved their list as follows:
  • You can sort on title or date bought or date updated
  • Clicking on a line shows full detail of the item (include image, download details, errata link and catalog page). Clicking again collapses the detail.
  • You can select all your purchased items together or just show E-Books or Print or Videos
Now why is the date updated important? Updates are issued for various books  (particularly those made available whilst still being written) - the publishers very kindly email you when an update is available but finding it in the list to download it again is not as easy as you think, however sort on release date and they are easy to find!
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