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Stylecop has been released at

Release Notes

Compatible with the Visual Studio 11 Preview.

Install order should be :
  • VS10
  • VS11
  • R#6.1.1 msi (for VS10)
  • R#6.1.1 vsix (for VS11)
  • StyleCop 4.7

This version is now compatible with R# 5.1 (5.1.3000.12), R# 6.0 (6.0.2202.688), R# 6.1 ( and R# 6.1.1 (6.1.1000.82).

Here are the bug details for fixed in 4.7 and closed in 4.7 issues (over 100 issues fixed since 4.6)

Here are the bug details for all issues since that have been fixed and closed (over 450 fixes).

Release Notes
New rules
  • SA1126: PrefixCallsCorrectly Validates a call to a member is not prefixed with the 'this.', 'base.', 'object.' or 'typename.' prefix to indicate the intended method call, within a C# code file.
  • SA1214:StaticReadonlyElementsMustAppearBeforeStaticNonReadonlyElements Validates that all static readonly elements are placed before all static non-readonly elements of the same type.
  • SA1215:InstanceReadonlyElementsMustAppearBeforeInstanceNonReadonlyElements
Validates that all non-static readonly elements are placed before non-static non-readonly elements of the same type.

The rules for SA1100, SA1101 have been completely re-written and a new rule SA1126 added to increase the correct detection of 'this', 'base' and other prefixes. Many tests have been added. If you're getting false positives please open a bug and it'll be fixed ASAP.

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