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Recently while I was upgrading a client web site, I started up a holding page web site on the same URL and displayed the holding page in my browser. At the end of the upgrade, I stopped the holding page web site and restarted the main site. I then refresh the tab in my browser but only saw the holding page, until I did a control-F5.

So remember if in doubt on what you should see in your browser window, do a Control-F5 to force the browser to re-load. Changes to stylesheets sonetimes need a control-F5 before the changes is apparent.

Another quirk I encountered during the roll-out of some updated web sites that involved a number of stops and starts was the need on a Windows 2008 Server to refresh on the Sites node of the IIS Manager MMC so as to see what sites are or are not running.

If you want to find the IIS Log for a given web site, you need to know its number. If you select the site, you cannot see the number but if you select the Sites node in IIS Manager the number of the log is displayed against each site.


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