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This week I had cause to check the rule on event log uniqueness. I was aware that only the first 8 characters were treated as unique. Did this rule still apply or did Windows Server 2008 relax the rule?

I looked up my FAQ on forums at and found the catchall MSDN forum at

You can see the thread of my question at:

I received the following answer "The trimming of the log file name is an behavior of the .NET Framework class EventLog. I just checked the source code of EventLog in .NET Framework 4. It is still substringing the first 8 characters when the log name length is equal to or larger than 8 characters."

Why is this important? Suppose your client is called SuperBloggo and you deploy a system for them for both UAT and Live on the same server,  For clarity you decide to create two custom event logs SuperBloggoUAT and SuperBloggoLive, however this is impractical as the first 8 characters in each case are SuperBlogg and consequently only 1 of these can be created.  Better names would be SBLOGLIVe and SBLOGUAT as these are differ in the first 8 characters.

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