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Visual Studio Team System is getting a new tool: Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. It was codenamed Camano and announced last year at PDC08, but new details have emerged via Jason Zander's blog. The tool will not only be included with Visual Studio Team Test since generalist testers (think domain experts rather than programmers) may not want to install the rather large Visual Studio on their testing boxes. The tool will also be included in Visual Studio Team Test 2010 Essentials and Visual Studio Lab Management 2010.


Visual Studio® Team Test 2010 Support for the specialist tester including Web and load testing capabilities in addition to the ability to create automated test suites.  Executes in the Visual Studio environment for test professionals.  Comes with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager.
Visual Studio® Team Test 2010 Essentials Support for the generalist tester including the ability to manage test cases and manual/automated test execution.  Installs as a scaled down product for easy access on test machines.
Visual Studio® Lab Management 2010 Support for creating virtualized environments with snapshot capabilities.  You can now execute your tests using the lab capabilities and save the state later for both development and test usage.


It has some pretty interesting features. Ever notice how difficult it can be to test the UI? Well, Camano has UI navigation automation that supports WinForms, WPF. and html. Testers will now be able to send the developers a historical debug log when a problem occurs. It can even analyze TFS checkins to determine which test cases are affected.

I think this is going to make life a lot easier for the .NET testers out there.

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