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It is now possible to move your SQL Azure server from one subscription to another. Last week, the Windows Azure team added this new feature to the Windows Azure Management Portal. Permissions for moving a server between subscriptions simply require that you are an account administrator, Co-administrator, or service administrator in both the source and target subscriptions.

Moving a SQL Azure server is simple; log in to the Windows Azure Management Portal and select the Database option in the Navigation pane and select the SQL Azure server you would like to move. Once the server is selected, you will see a new “Move Server” button in the Information pane for the server, shown in the following figure.


Clicking the “Move Server” button brings up the Move Server dialog which lists the available target subscriptions in which to move the selected SQL Azure server. The list of target subscriptions comes from the active, available subscriptions in which you are either an account administrator, Co-administrator, or service administrator. Select the subscription that you want to move the server to and click “OK”.


After several seconds the portal will refresh, at which time you will see that your SQL Azure server has been moved and is now listed under the target subscription you selected in Move Server dialog. It is important to note that moving the SQL Azure server does not actually move the server or associated databases. Keep in mind that a SQL Azure server not a physical server but a logical server with pointers to the physical databases and their replicas. This move only re-associates your server from one subscription to another subscription.

Also, the move of a server between subscriptions may have an affect on your SQL Azure bill, as different subscriptions may be billed differently based on different offers each subscription is associated with.

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