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So there I was, thinking about a new blog post, pondering someone else's blog post I'd just read, installing Windows Live Writer so I can post better blog posts, and it just hit me.  Wham!  Of all the people I know, if the universe could have back the total number of hours spent on blogging alone, just imagine the possibilities.  Plus, add in the time for all the people that I DON'T know who blog.  Wow.

Then, I started to enumerate (list) the alternative actions that would be more beneficial to the cosmos.  Before I got three items (the minimum in a list) my Live Writer installation completed.

So I'm off to spend more time playing with yet another tool that I need when I spend time blogging instead of playing outside.

...I can mow the grass another day.

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2008 6:21 PM Social networking | Back to top

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