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Well, according to the Microsoft Rep we are offically able to talk more about SharePoint 2007.  So I guess the best way for me to relate what I am finding with the program that I am participating in would be to go through the general lessons that we are doing.

Hands On Lab 1:

This is pretty much a whats new in the SharePoint 2007. 

SharePoint 2007 is drastically changed from teh blocky old view that was 2003.  It is cleaner and seems to be way more organized.  Navigation has been cleaned up a lot since it has been referbished with ASP.NET 2.0 and the addition of links to the side nav has been greatlly improved.  You now have the ability to have a breadcrumb control showing your current position in the site list, and also an easy way to add multiple levels of links to the side quick launch bar. 

Improved ability to integrate with Active Directory is also noticable with a Select People and Groups dialog that will allow you to search for specific people or groups, instead of having to guess the person or group name and have it error like in 2003.

One of the BEST features is that you can go up to the welcome message and choose a selection in the dropdown to “Sign in as Different User”.  Man, talk about a big improvement.  Whenever you wanted to do this in 2003, you would have to close out of the browser completely, then re-login.  NOT FUN while developing.  But with this new feature, if you sign in as Actor 1, and then sign in as different user Actor 2, then do something, then go back to the menu and Sign Out, you will be reverted back to Actor 1 instead of being logged completely out.  This is very helpful when you want to log in as a low permission user, then as an admin, then revert back to the low permission user.  (VERY FREAKING COOOOOL!)

List inline filtering.  You no longer have to traverse many different screens to change the filter on the default view of a list.  It is much like the Excel List Sort now where you just select the header column of the list and apply your filter.  Talk about EASY!

Can you say LINE ITEM PERMISSIONS!  Now this is very cool as well.  You have a list of items or annoucements and you only want certain people to see a specific item, you can assign specific permissions to the line items in the list so that people without the permissions will not even see the item, where as the people that are included will.  No more permission specific list needs, now you can just configure the list ITEM!

Recycle Bin - So say that you delete an item or a version of an item, you think that it is gone right?  NOPE.  It is sitting in the new recycle bin.  You can choose to restore it or delete it from the bin while inside of the recycle bin.  You think it is gone right?  NOPE.  It is now sitting in an administration recycle bin just in case for some reason life got a little complicated and you happened to delete the wrong thing TWICE!  This should make recovering deleted items much easier in the future.

Outlook integration has also been greatly improved.  The ability to add rss feeds and calendar appointments directly to the SharPoint site in Outlook is very nice, and it is more 2 way unlike 2003 where there was a lot of workarounds as to integrating the two together.

Well, that is all for the first Hands On Lab that I have been able to see.  I will be posting the cool stuff from the next hands on lab here very soon. 

Hopefully this is helpful and will get you excited to check out what Microsoft is now calling MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server)


Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2006 11:35 AM | Back to top

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