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Scott L. Newman
That it seems my blog is more of poor me or pity me or I deserve a job blog.   Hmmm I wont say, I have not winned here as I have used this blog to vent my frustration on the whole out of work thing (lack of money, self worth, family issues and the never end bills coming my way) but, it was also me trying to reach to others in the same boat as well as advertising, hay I am out here, employers.   It was also said, that I don’t have any thing listed here on me, like a cover letter or resume. Well there is but, it was so many months and post ago. Also what I had posted is not current. So here is my most current cover and resume.
Scott L Newman
45219 Dutton Way
Callahan, Fl. 32011
To Whom It May Concern:
I am really interested in the IT vacancie that you have listed for your company. Maybe I don’t have all the qualifications you want (hold on don’t hit delete yet) yet! But maybe I do, as I have over 20 + years experience in "IT” RIGHT NOW.   Read the rest of my cover and my resume. You will see what my “IT” skills are and it will Show that I can to this work! I can bring to your company along with my, can do attitude, a broad range of skills, including:
  • Certified CompTIA A+, Security+  and Network+ Technician
§         2.5 years (NOC) Network experience on large Cisco based Wan – UK to Austria
§         20 years experience MIS/DP – Yes I can do IBM mainframes and Tandem  non-stops too
§         18 years experience as technical Help Desk support – panicking users, no problem
§         18 years experience with PC/Server based system, intranet and internet systems
§         10+ years experienced on: Microsoft Office, Windows XP and Data Network Fundamentals (YES I do windows)
§         Strong trouble shooting skills for software, hard ware and circuit issues (and I can tell you what kind of horrors I had to face on all of them).
§         Very experienced on working with customers on problems – again panicking users, no problem
§         Working experience with Remote Access (VPN/SecurID) – I didn’t just study them I worked on/with them
§         Skilled in getting info for and creating documentation for Operation procedures (I don’t just wait for them to give it to me I go out and get it. Waiting for info on working applications is, well dumb)
  • Multiple software languages (Hey I have done some programming)
  • And much more experiences in “IT” (Mortgage, stocks and financial information systems experience and have worked “IT” in a hospital)
  • Can multitask, also have ability to adapt to change and learn quickly. (once was put in charge of a system that I had not worked with for over two years. Talk about having to relearn and adapt to changes but, I did it.)
I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this position with you. If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me by phone at 904-879-4880 or on my cell 352-356-0945 or by e-mail at or leave a message on my web site ( I have enclosed/attached my resume for your review and I look forward to hearing from you.   Thank you for taking a moment to consider my cover letter and resume. I appreciate how busy you are.
Scott L. Newman   
Scott L. Newman
45219 Dutton Way, Callahan, FL 32011▪ H (904)879-4880 C (352)356-0945 ▪
To obtain a Network Operation or Helpdesk position.  
Information Technology Professional with 20+ years of experience. Volunteer website creator and back-up sound technician at True Faith Christian Fellowship. CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ Certified.


§         Technical Support
§         Frame Relay
§         Microsoft Office Suite
§         Inventory Management
§         ISDN
§         Windows NT/98/XP
§         Client/Vendor Relations
§         CICS
§         Cisco Routers/Switches
§         Networking/Administration
§         RPG
§         Helpdesk
§         Website Design/Dev./Management
§         Assembler
§         Visio
§         Programming
§         COBOL IV
New HorizonsComputerLearningCenter, Jacksonville, Florida – CompTIA A+, Security+ and Network+ Certified.             Currently working on CCNA Certification
MottCommunity College, Flint, Michigan – Associates Degree - Data Processing and General Education
Currently studying Japanese
TrueFaithChristianFellowshipChurchCallahan, FL, October 2009 – Present
Web site Tech
·        Web site Creator/tech, back up song leader and back up sound technician. Note church web site is (
U.S. Census (temp employee) Feb. 23 to March 8, 2010
·        Enumerator for NassauCounty
ThomasCreekBaptistChurchCallahan, FL,     June 2008 – September 2009
Churchsound and video technician     
·        sound and video technician
Fidelity National Information Services ▪ Jacksonville, FLFebruary 01, 2005 to October 28, 2008
Client Server Dev/Analyst I
·        Monitored Multiple Debit Card sites, Check Authorization customers and the Card Auth system (AuthNet) for problems with the sites, connections, servers (on our LAN) and/or applications
·        Night (NOC) Network operator for a large Wide Area Network (WAN)
·        Monitored Multiple Check Authorization customers for problems with circuits, routers and applications
·        Resolved circuit and/or router issues or assist circuit carrier in resolving issue
·        Resolved application problems or assist application support in resolution
·        Liaison between customer and application support
·        Maintained and updated the NetOps Operation procedures Guide
·        Kept the listing of equipment on the raised floor updated
·        Involved in the training of all Night Check and Card server operation operators
·        FNIS acquired Certegy in 2005. Was one of 3 kept on.
Certegy ▪ St.Pete, FL ▪ August 31, 2003 to February 1, 2005
Senior NetOps Operator(FNIS acquired Certegy in 2005 all of above jobs/skills were same as listed in FNIS)
·        Converting Documentation to Adobe format
·        Sole trainer of day/night shift System Management Center operators (SMC)
·        Equifax spun off Card/Check Dept. as Certegy. Certegy terminated contract with EDS. One of six in the whole IT dept that was kept on.
EDS  (Certegy Account) ▪ St.Pete, FL ▪ July 1, 1999 to August 31, 2003
Senior NetOps Operator
·        Equifax outsourced the NetOps dept. to EDS in 1999.
·        Same job skills as listed above for FNIS.
Equifax ▪ St.Pete&Tampa, FLJanuary 1, 1991 to July 1, 1999
NetOps/Tandem Operator
·        All of the above for FNIS, except for circuit and router issues
·        Operated, monitored and trouble shot Tandem mainframe and servers on LAN
·        Supported in the operation of the Print, Tape and Microfiche rooms
·        Equifax acquired TelaCredit in 1991.
TelaCredit ▪ Tampa, FLJune 28, 1989 to January 1, 1991
Tandem Operator
·        Operated and monitored Tandem Non-stop systems for Card and Check Auths
·        Operated multiple high-speed Laser printers and Microfiche printers
·        Mounted, filed and maintained 18 reel-to-reel mainframe tape drives, cartridges tape drives and tape library.
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