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At the June Capital Area Microsoft Integration and Connected Systems User Group (MICSUG) meeting on the 22nd, I will be presenting on how to use Extensions to perform custom tasks such as migrating users from one SharePoint Web Site to another, transforming identity information, etc.
I found a useful link on MSDN which contains some of the code samples that come with the MIIS installation.  Under the Using Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 page, listed are the following of note at least to me:
Using Connected Data Source Extensions
From this page, they have links to doing data imports from XML files, from SharePoint sites, as well as best practices and debugging tips.
Using Password Extensions
MIIS allows you to programmatically manage passwords with a user created component to create called a password extension. The password extension works in conjunction with the Microsoft Password Change Notification Service (PCNS) to capture password changes from Active Directory (AD) and propagate these changes to other connected data sources.  This section also covers testing, debugging and best practices as well.
Using Rules Extensions
MIIS allows you to programmatically change the behavior that occurs when data that is managed by MIIS is changed or removed. This behavior changed is made through a rules extension.
This section covers the following:
*  Creating Rules Extensions
*  Transforming Data
*  Creating and Checking Attribute Values
*  Provisioning Objects in the Connector Space
*  Deprovisioning Objects in the Connector Space
*  Manual Precedence Examples
*  Moving Objects
*  Setting Initial Passwords
*  Examples Library
Handling Errors
When a process is being executed by MIIS, you must handle certain exceptions at certain stages of a process.  This page allows you to see which exceptions can occur at which phases and whether the data is logged or not.
So, there is a bit of information out there on developing solutions with MIIS to keep your identity solutions in sync.
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