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February 2012 Entries

Solution for when you can’t manage a clustered MSMQ resource

And third for the day from Guatam is a problem managing MSMQ on a cluster.

MSMQ Management console on Win2k8 & WIn2k8 R2 Cluster not Visible

Seems that the MSMQ service on the physical node needs to run under Network Service.

Must set up a virtual cluster to test that out…

Posted On Thursday, February 9, 2012 9:44 PM | Comments (0) | Filed Under [ MSMQ ]

Up the cache with many concurrent MSMQ clients
Another blog post from Guatam highlights the need to scale up some MSMQ parameters when there are many clients. MSMQ 4 & 5 not receiving messages from Large Number of Clients To improve performance, MSMQ caches user account information to reduce the overhead from checking if the sender of a message has adequate permissions to access a queue. As with most caches, the size is fixed and old data is purged when there is no room left. Unfortunately, there is a potential situation where the clean-up ......

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Look out for large LQS files
It’s good to see my ex-colleague Guatam putting out some MSMQ content after a 10 month hiatus. MSMQ Performance degrades over time & MSMQ LQS folder is 100s of MB. The files in the %windir%\system32\msmq\stor... folder are configuration files for the machine’s queues, or cached configuration information in the case of public queues. Inside these text files is a collection of parameters, such as “Label”, “QueueName” and “PrivLevel”. The largest value is the “Security” parameter which contains ......

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Make sure computer names are 15 characters or less for MSMQ messages to get delivered
Thanks to Seif Attar for highlighting this problem. It seems MSMQ doesn’t like sending to computers with names longer than 15 characters (which some may remember is the NetBIOS limitation). To try it out, I created a queue on a Windows XP machine with a computer name of VeryLongMSMQServer and sent off some test messages to DIRECT=os:verylongmsmqserve... I requested acknowledgements so I could see any errors and wasn’t disappointed: As soon as I renamed the machine to ShortMSMQServer, ......

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