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Timothy Wright
Mar 12
C4C (Coders 4 Charities), in Kansas City, is always a fun event. At points it gets to be a pressure cooker as you zone in trying to crank out some fantastic code in just a few hours, but it is always fun. A great challenge of your skill as a software developer and for a good cause. This year my team helped The United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Kansas ......

I won’t complain, because it is free… But (expletive here)… My Particular Experience was with IIS on Windows Server 2008, but the experience should be about the same for XP, Vista, Server 2003, and 2008. The Apache configuration appears to be well documented in the Win32Install directions ......

Simple Code to Download a file from an HTTPS Source.

C4C in Kansas City was, once again, an incredible event. There were about 8 charities and probably about 30 developers / designers. We even had our own film crew from KC VideoCore, there to document the event and record the “ninjas” at work. I had the privilege of helping the Focus North America team building an aggregate data interface for personal ......

Well if you're like me and you've learned to live with UAC and the persistent prompt to run as administrator. And if you're also like me and have a habitual compulsion to open every link in a new tab, then you may experience a blank page with "Connecting..."

Recordings from the Sharepoint Firestarter event presentations are now online. So I just want to share, for those who have not yet viewed these presentations

A big Thank you to Lee Brandt for organizing a great event in good ole Kansas City. For those of you who attended my jQuery presentation, Thank you to you as well. As promised, here are the slides and the source project from the presentation.

Often I've wanted to automate something, just to avoid some clicks and survive the tedium. Never was it really worth the effort of learning some crazy scripting tool. So 3 automation tools I recommend for the scripting junkie.... AutoIT, VBScript and for web automatiion I like Sahi

It is hard to really get a grasp of how much control you are given in Sharepoint [...] I was able to get an amazing look at Sharepoint the many aspects of Sharepoint development and customization in a one day live meeting.

So... To challenge myself and to make good on all those times I said, "I'd like to give back.", I joined other local developers for the C4C (Coders 4 Charities) event last weekend. What a Blast!!! I can't say I was expecting the experience I had, but I can say that I'm glad I participated. I teamed up with some outstanding ......

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