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While working with a test team, today, we were doing incremental builds of a Compact Framework application. We wanted to display the build time of each release of software, so that the test team could be sure we were all using the current version. This tiny bit of code achieves just that. public static DateTime BuildTime() { Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssemb... string filename = System.Reflection.Assembly.... FileInfo info = new FileInfo(filename); ......

On Friday, I needed a way for a Windows Mobile device connected via USB cable to Active-Sync/Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC) to talk back to the local web-server running on the host PC. I’d never done this before, it suddenly struck me, what IP address do I need to talk to? More importantly how could this IP address be obtained on the connecting device. Here’s the solution - System.Net.IPAddress ip = Dns.GetHostEntry("ppp_peer"... This will always give you a reference to the attached ......

Twitter exposes a really nice API. I thought wouldn’t it be fun if you could display a rolling list of messages that have been posted to you. I figured this would be really useful for public events, live shows etc. Stick with me :-) So to prove the concept, I thought lets implement this in the Compact Framework so that it would be easy to run on a CE machine. connected to our JumboTron display. Cutting to the chase, if you want a download of the application in its entirety you can install it on your ......

I’ve been playing around today, wanting to print PDF’s automatically triggering them from my mobile device. I was left with the final hurdle of needing to programmatically print a PDF unattended running on a server. I tried all sorts, of COM interoperability to Acrobat, which just seemed too difficult. I wanted this thing to be simple. We’ll here’s what I came up with. The good old fashioned command line print, using Acrobat… This bit of C# will print a PDF (then delete it). It does the trick nicely. ......