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A few months ago Visual Studio 2010 RTM was released. My friend Cory and I noticed a few features that would really come in handy but were not included in the release. After learning how to write extensions, we decided to create a few of our own. We used all of them locally for a while. Around April/May we decided to publish them to the Visual Studio Gallery so they can help other developers as well. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. We got a lot of good feedback on them and it seems like we've helped a lot of people. It's always nice seeing those 5 star reviews come in! The total download count for our 8 extensions as of now is 21,321! Obviously, I set my expectations too low on these projects because I figured the cumulative count would max out around 10k. Thanks to all that downloaded our extensions! If you haven't downloaded them, feel free to check them out and drop us a review on the VIsual Studio Gallery!

Here's the link to our extensions on the Visual Studio Gallery:[0].Type=SearchText&f[0].Value=mike+parks&x=0&y=0

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