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OK--you know how like everyone on the planet is supposed to be at a minimum six degrees from everyone else?

Well today I experienced the not so pleasant version of this concept.  I found out this morning that I knew three people on Flight 1549.    The VP of Marketing, the guy who is in charge of Marketing tech innovation & development, and the marketing dev manager were all on that flight.  In particular Don Norton was the "door guy".  You know, sitting on the emergency door row of the plane and was instrumental in getting the doors open and getting everyone out safely.

See his interview on Fox News here  Read Darren's experiences here

Talk about incredible.  Thank the gods everyone got out safe with only relatively minor injuries.  Since everyone got out safe I feel like it is possible to poke a bit of fun at the whole thing.  We've been talking locally about who should play Don in the movie version.  I'm thinking Charlie Sheen maybe...

Still though, I'm glad everyone was safe and sound.


 EDIT:  Here's Darren & Don on Larry King last night:  here

And people thought I was making a joke about the movie of Flight 1549

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After reading a few of your blogs, I liked the content. Especially the blog comments about the crossroads of Destiny Way and Inspiration Drive,

Where've you been for the past 11months ?
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