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Well folks, I've made it through the first week and am charging ahead in the second week.

First week was just acclimating to the new job.  First two days were HR orientations etc.  Policy discussions etc.

Now, I get to jump head first into the fray and start sinking my teeth into what they hired me for.

Good news is I get to get back to automation which I was forced to wander away from at my previous job.  YAY Automation...bad news is that they had about two dozen existing scripts written against an existing windows application.

These existing scripts are orgazined in a very strange manor and I spent the latter half of last week trying to resurrect one of these two dozen scripts into a viable script to no avail.  Much to my chagrin, I threw in the towel Monday when I discovered that my version of QTP (9.5) will crash on a regular basis just trying to explore objects with the ObjectSpy or Object Repository.  I created a support ticket with HP..(crickets so far) and I'm off doing something else for a different application.

Good News is once I switched over to this new application, I had my first script completed this morning.   Proving Automation can be done efficiently, quickly and with a certain level of maintainability.

Automation is basically a new concept at (EMPLOYER LOCATION REDACTED) and I'm going to have to work with the manual testers to explain to them what good "automateable" test cases look like.  My first automation script was very simple.  The second was a test case with 87 design steps in it...That is WAY too big.  And I'm meeting with the manual tester tomorrow to break these scripts into smaller digestable chunks.

We'll see how it goes...they may baulk at this but if it gets their cases automated so they don't have to execute them...then why wouldn't they want to sign up for it.

And with my sparkling personality, how could they resist?


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Show them your tits! I find that always works for me.

Or it gets me fired. It's kind of a toss-up, really.
Left by Nicole on Oct 08, 2008 9:53 AM

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(spits out her coffee)

ROFL There Nicole...
Left by MES on Oct 08, 2008 7:59 PM

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