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So I decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon yesterday.  In some sort of strange cosmic way, I've been motivated to do this by peer pressure.  One of my good buds who is also in the GWB community works at a company where instant messaging is forbidden.  No G-Chat, No AIM, No MSMessenger etc.

And frankly I miss chatting with him.  And a few weeks ago we went out to dinner and I saw that he was tweeting via his cell phone.  So I decided that since I'm going to be moving to a new job on Sept 29th and I too may drop off the chatsphere that I'd investigate Twitter.

So--now I'm a twitter too...(Hums the Dr. Pepper theme song).

You'll see I've added a twitter feed to my blog so people can see what I'm doing that way too.  May prove interesting...may prove obnoxious...haven't decided yet.  I did change my cell phone plan so I have unlimitted text messages now.  So I don't end up with some UNGODLY phone bill.

We'll see how that works--hubby may go nuclear on that one...but we'll see.



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