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Ok....First off, know that I don't normally watch "broadcast" TV.  Up until last night the only TV show I watch which isn't on basic cable is "House, M.D" (WHICH PREMIERS TONIGHT! WOOT).

That being said, I have a new sitcom I will be setting up on my DVR to record.  "The Big Bang Theory" is on CBS and in my time zone comes on at 8:30 on Mondays.  I watched the first episod e ( i think ) last night and its HYSTERICAL.

Yes--Its stereotypical geeks with a stereotypical blonde bombshell bimbo.  Will the show succeed?  I don't know--How many people out there would get String Theory humor or cosmology humor?  Um..<shrugs> I did and laughed my head off.

There was even a WoW reference in the game which was cool.  Of course the geek in question had an Alliance toon but hey you can't ask for everything...(Damn Night Elves get all the love...grrrrrr)

The "Geek Sidekick" in this show is a great straight man.  Wonderful delivery.  My only concern is that uh its a rather narrow market they are going after. 

However, if you're interested in self referential comedy (one geek laughing at other geeks) I recommend you check this show out.

Its funny and that's all a sitcom needs to be, wot.

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