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Yet another gripe about QTP...Why oh why can't I cut and paste calls to component actions between test cases??

The automation strategy we're using at my firm is a component method.  This is where you build out resuable code modules for basic functions and then link them together within individual test cases with custom script code sprinkled about in a few places within those cases.

However, what annoys me about this is some of those cases may only vary in one or two key code lines..and yet I have to build the cases from scratch each time.

Instead of being able to cut and paste a code snipet like

RunAction "UsefulModule1 [LW_StandardComponents]", oneIteration,

I have to Select Insert>Call to Existing Action> and then select the component and then select the action within that component.  Its just frustrating.  I could build scripts SO much faster if I could copy calls...oh well--I suppose its the nature of the beast...

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Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2007 12:32 PM QuickTest Pro | Back to top

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