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In the last few months since I started learning F# I have begin to notice an increase in the number of people blogging about the language. Sure, it could just be that I am noticing it more because I am actively looking out for questions and blog posts, but even in my day to day reading of Code Project Daily News and Stack Overflow questions there seems to be increased activity around the language.

So what sparked this post? Well, today today I logged in and saw that the latest podcast by DNR was on F# and then immediately afterwards I received an email from CodeProject with a great article comparing F# and Scala.

Currently, as of this blog posting (21 May 2010) F# is ranked on the tiobe site at position 43, but I am willing to put money on it that in the next few tiobe ratings this ranking will continue to rise till F# will be a top 20.

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The more I use F#, the more I like it. There was some initial barrier learning to "think" in F#, but it's getting easier. I'm finding that's often simpler to experiment my way to a good solution to a difficult problem faster in F# than in other languages. I also find that, when I achieve a solution in F#, the code is both shorter and more maintainable, and that generalizing the solution is easier.

I really want to see this language succeed!
Left by TechNeilogy on May 22, 2010 8:05 PM

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I 100% know where you are coming from. I see this language having great potential. It's just the issue of thinking in a functional way. Thks for the comment!
Left by Mark on May 23, 2010 5:07 PM

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