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I attended the first SharePoint (Session #1 - Level 100 - June 3rd, 2006) at Devry University in Miramar, Room #240, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm this weekend. 


I am very impress with  the SharePoint  class today, and  from  Duray Akar's  lecture and I have learned more about:



1. List items in calendar


2. Automatically convert Office documents in SharePoint repository, such as World and Excel to Adobe ® allow distribution of read-only, non-editable copies


3. Establish a referential integrity relationship between two SharePoint lists using this web part.


4. Simultaneously create SharePoint and Active Directory Users! Allows third party editors, such as Adobe FrameMaker and Autodesk AutoCAD to easily browse the SharePoint repository for viewing.


5. Editing, check in/out, and uploading.


6. SharePoint list items from multiple areas and web sites into a single view with the ability to display, filter, and sort relevant information


7. List Alert Web Part gives users a more flexible way to receive alerts from SharePoint list, such as when tasks are due or when an issue’s status field changes from “Open” to “Fixed”. 


Hoped I captured everything... :).


Thank you Florida.NET: Dave Noderer, Duray Akar, and Stacy Draper for made this happened.

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