Zune player wins over iTune, hands down... in mini player mode

Maybe this is me not really knowing all the in's and out's of IOS.  I just couldn't get the iTune to play my video podcast in mini player mode.  Either I get a screen that is tiny like a thumbnail, or I get a player that takes up half of the screen.  Even though I starting to like my iPhone more and more, this feature is a score 1 for Microsoft.  So much so that I've decided to carry 3 mobile devices for the short future (iPhone, Zune, my own dumb phone).  And after moving all my podcasts to iPhone, I have now switched all the video feeds back onto Zune.

In the Zune player, I can choose 2 sizes (3 if you count full screen).  The smaller size takes up about 3 inch by 1.5 inch area, where I can still comfortably do work.

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