BizTalk UseAmbientTransaction and System.ObjectDisposedException

[UPDATE:  2010-10-15]

This update is long overdue.  Once we implemented all the changes, we were still getting that error from time to time.  The sympton was that we would not get that error for hours, even days, but once we get it, the error keeps coming.  After fiddling with some settings, we found that setting the "PollWhileDataFound" to False did the trick.  We have not seen the error since.



[UPDATE:  2010-08-26]

We were able to fix our problem by setting the WCF-SQL receive location transaction isolation level.  Go to your BizTalk WCF-SQL receive location --> Click Configure --> Go to Behavior tab --> Set sqlAdapterInboundTransactionBehavior to "ReadCommitted".  We have now set the "UseAmbientTransaction" property to True and have not had any problems for 2 days.


[Original Post]

We are continuing to experience the "System.ObjectDisposedException" error with UseAmbientTransaction  set to True in our receive ports on our production server, and have not found a solution.  For now we will try to separate the polling and the update statement into different steps.


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# re: BizTalk UseAmbientTransaction and System.ObjectDisposedException

Left by Per at 7/8/2011 4:19 AM
Gravatar Are/were you using multiple host instances for the host configured to run the WCF-SQL receive location?

I'm experiencing the same issues with ObjectDisposedException, and I'm wondering if that might be the cause. We already have PollWhileDataFound = False.


# re: BizTalk UseAmbientTransaction and System.ObjectDisposedException

Left by LifeLongTechie at 7/12/2011 10:45 AM
Gravatar We had multiple host instances based on functionality, but only one host instance for all WCF calls.

Do you have other WCF-SQL receive location polling the same table?

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