Partition Wizard probably saved me at least 20 hours worth of work!

I had my work laptop set up as dual boot to 80G for Windows 7 and 40G for Windows XP.  As time went by, I had to install all the applications in Windows XP as well, and it was quickly eating away the space.

With Windows 7, I was able to use Disk Management and do a "Shrink Volume" to get 15G of space unallocated.  But when I tried to extend Windows XP partition, I found out I didn't have that option.  I followed this post ( and tried Method 2 and it didn't work.  So as I read more into this post, I found that I had the same issue as ccchan.

I followed Dave76's advice and tried Partition Wizard, and voila!  I got the space I need.

Partition Wizard:

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